3 FAQs About Free Homeowners Insurance Calculator

A free homeowner’s insurance calculator from an online insurance company website helps you estimating how much insurance cost you will need to spend for protecting your home from damage and incidents. Here are three questions people frequently ask about homeowner’s insurance calculator.

1. How does the free homeowner’s insurance calculator estimate my home insurance?
Homeowner’s insurance calculator estimates the cost of your home insurance by using information about your home such as your geographic location and the amount of your home’s square footage. However, the estimation resulted from only the two details are very basic that might be very different from your actual need. For more accurate home insurance estimation, you will need to include more information about your home. Other details that might affect the cost of your insurance may include the condition of your home, the availability of security system and other alarms, the type of the covered risks you prefer (e.g. natural disaster, theft, vandalism, etc.), the type of coverage you want (e.g. replacement cost or market value), liability coverage (e.g. for individual or for your property), the amount of your valuables, etc. You need to note that you need to note that free homeowner’s insurance calculator only estimates your insurance cost. For finding out about the actual cost, consult your agent to get the specific numbers.

2. What information should I include for estimating the cost of my home insurance?
Mostly, there are two basic details you will need to inform the calculator: the square footage of your house and the geographical location of your home (for this, you might be required to input your ZIP code or the city and state you currently live in). This is due to the fact that most insurance providers use a standard measurement per every square foot which ranges from $150 to $250. The rough estimation of course does not include coverage for other needs such as the policies for the value of your home and its content. Therefore more information will be needed for more accurate quote estimations such as the type of your home (one family, two family, etc.), the style of the home, the number of stories, the year the home was built, your home inventories, or even your social security number. However, the more details you put in an online homeowners insurance calculator, the more risk you will have to face. Before you share any sensitive details about yourself, make sure the website gives high protection towards its client’s privacy.

3. Where can I find a free home insurance calculator?
You can find free homeowners insurance calculators from many online insurance providers. Some online insurance companies that offer their help for roughly calculating your homeowners insurance cost are:

- Progressive (giving accurate estimations but requiring your contact detail),
- Realtor (might require you to input net worth of your home as well as your risk tolerance),
- Home Insurance (providing rough calculation by asking only your ZIP code and your home’s square footage),
- The Insurance Rate (giving accurate results by asking you sensitive details about your personal information), and
- Accu Coverage (this one actually requires you to pay a small fee for actual insurance cost estimation).

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