Risks and Benefits of Homeowners Insurance Calculator: What You Need to Know

Commonly, when you have a mortgage on your home, your lender will oblige you to apply for homeowners insurance coverage. However, home insurance coverage is not only needed by people who have mortgages upon their home. When you are free of any mortgage obligations, it is a wise decision to have this insurance for protecting your valuable property.

The cost of homeowners insurance can vary depending on many aspects. For estimating home insurance coverage, you may need an application called the homeowners insurance calculator. This tool is widely available on online insurance companies as a part of insurance process or as an introductory part to their website visitors.

One of the benefits of this insurance calculator is that you can find out how much you will have to spend to protect your home from various kinds of risks. Different insurance provider might require you to share variable information about you and your home in order to get the cost estimation. The more detailed the information you give, the more accurate the estimation will be.

The most basic type of the calculator gives rough estimation on home insurance cost by requiring you to share your home’s overall square footage and location (by sharing your ZIP code or your city and state) since most insurance providers use a standard multiplier per foot which ranges from $150 to $250 per square foot.

The actual homeowners insurance does not actually work the same with the online calculator. Besides your location and home’s square footage, there are many other things to consider for calculating how much you need for protecting your property. You have to also consider about variable risks to cover such as the amount of valuable inventories, liability coverage, structural damages from natural disasters and incidents, and other misfortunes.

For more detailed homeowners insurance calculation, naturally you will need to find a more advanced calculator from an online insurance company. You will also need to share more detailed information for that. Some details you will probably have to share are the type of your home, the amount of your home’s stories, the availability of security system, the type of risk you want to be covered, liability coverage, the value of your home’s content, and your contact information. While most homeowners insurance calculators are provided free, some websites offer paid calculators. One of the benefits of these paid homeowners insurance calculators among others is that they can give you actual calculation on how much the homeowners insurance will cost.

Besides the benefits of homeowners insurance calculator, you should be aware of the risk of this online tool. It is indeed that by giving more information about yourself you will have more detailed calculation on the insurance cost.

However you should remember that Internet is not 100% safe. There are risks of phishing, identity theft, or other cyber crimes that might threaten you. Prior to sharing information on sensitive details, make sure the computer, internet connection, and the website you use is strongly secured. If you are not sure about the security measurement, never take the risk by giving away details such as your social security number generously.

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